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Can Microrobots Cure Cancer?

Can Microrobots Cure Cancer? Source: Shape-morphing microrobots deliver drugs to cancer cells (video) – American Chemical Society Can Microrobots Cure Cancer? Written: February 2023 The risk of dying from cancer in the United States has decreased over the past 28 years according to annual statistics reported by the American Cancer Society (ACS). The cancer death […]

Can Cobots Help With the Supply Chain?

Written: January 6, 2022 The supply chain issue spooked a lot of industrial leaders. The pandemic looked like it would lead to a big reduction in demand. Recognizing this, companies cut inventory growth, laid off workers, and battened down the hatches. What actually happened was people stayed home and bought things online and caused increased […]

Will Robots Be Part Of Our Personal Lives?

Ray Bradbury, the prolific science fiction writer, in his 1976 book There Will Come Soft Rains, said in the future, homes would be interactive. He envisioned homes would also be able to do things on their own, even after their human owners had passed on. Some of Bradbury’s fiction from more than forty years ago […]

What Is The Importance Of A Helicopter On Mars?

If we could just stop polluting and warming our planet, and stop the dozens of wars underway, there would be no need to go to Mars. There are some signs of progress but avoiding nuclear war and major flooding is not a sure thing. In addition to establishing human settlements on Mars, there is a […]

Can Robots Dance?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn3KWM1kuAw Dr. Marc Raibert said at a 2018 TechCrunch robotic conference at UC Berkeley he believes the impact of robots will be greater than from the Internet. Marc, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University and MIT may be one of the few who has the credibility to make such a statement. In 1980, Marc founded […]