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An Eye for AI

An AI becomes intelligent after it has learned a lot. For example, let’s consider the weather. If a meteorologist considers a number of factors including the size and shape of clouds, temperature, dew point, wind direction and speed, and barometric pressure, he or she can forecast the weather for the next hour will be X. […]

Apple Hubris?

A friend of mine was having trouble with his Apple iPhone 4.  For some reason, the iPhone no longer recharged.  My friend verified that the charger and cable were not defective. After calling Apple support, they agreed the iPhone was defective, and although the warranty had expired, overnighted a new iPhone 4 for $149 +the […]

Apple MacBook Pro

The new Apple MacBook Pro is just too much to resist, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  The retina display will light up 5.1 million pixels on the screen, exceeding HDTVs by a couple of million pixels.  The solid state storage, 16GB of memory, and the input-output upgrade should make it […]

iPhone 4 – Part 6: et tu, iPad?

The iPhone 4 is going strong. I took some pictures today and noticed how much faster the capture is — significantly faster than the 3GS. Between the faster processor and additional memory the performance for everything it does is better. One thing I had not anticipated, however, is the impact of the iPhone 4 on […]

iPhone 4 – Part 5: 2nd Day Impressions

The honeymoon is still underway — the iPhone 4 is extraordinary from my perspective. Apple sent an email inviting iPhone 4 owners to make a FaceTime call to one of their representatives. I placed the call at 10 am Friday morning and it was answered promptly. The rep asked if I had WiFi and then […]