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Regulation or Strangulation?

Regulation is needed in many areas, like banking and healthcare. Sometimes,  however, regulators get carried away, and strangle innovation with too much regulation. This almost happened with Bitcoin. The regulation we need I call light regulation. In 1995, I was Chairman of the Global Internet Project. The board and I traveled around the world meeting […]

Health Attitude in Publishers Weekly

Health Attitude, published by Attitude LLC, appeared as a new listing in the May 18 issue of Publishers Weekly Select. The book will also be on display at the American Library Association meeting in San Francisco next month. Details about the book are here.

Amazon Throws Down the Gauntlet

Jim Milliot’s article, Amazon As Publisher, Publishers As E-tailers, opened with the key point that in the rapidly changing publishing industry, the once clear lines between the various parts of the business have become blurred. Last week’s announcements from Amazon and from Bookish–the soon-to-be launched online book platform backed by Simon & Schuster, Penguin, and […]

Wall Street Journal Finally Gets It

The first purchase I made on the iPad back in April when I received the first day delivery was to sign up for the Wall Street Journal subscription. At $3.99 per week, it is not inexpensive, but the Journal has very good content and I faithfully read it every day. I had been reading it […]

iPad – Part 6: File sharing and printing

The iPad became much more useful to me yesterday after attending a board meeting in Manhattan. A board colleague showed and I shared our experiences with our iPads and I learned about some new productivity tools. The iPad is great for reading documents of all kinds and when it comes to games, video, pictures, music […]