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Media Companies Fighting for Fees — Correction

Thanks to Michael in Alameda, California for catching an error I made in the post about media companies fighting over fees.  The company I referred to as Aero is Aereo.  I use a website called phenom.aero, so I must have had aero on the brain. I have corrected the original posting.  My apology goes out […]

Media Companies Fighting for Fees — Who is Fighting for Consumers?

Earlier this month, 20 million American homes that are subscribed to DirecTV, suddenly could no longer watch Nickelodeon, MTV or Comedy Central.  Viacom owns the content and rents it to DirecTV for a fee.  Their contract was about to expire and Viacom said DirecTV should pay 30% more.  DirecTV said that based on their size, […]

E-Books From Your Local Library

Libraries are trying their best to make borrowing e-books convenient, but publishers are not making it easy. See E-Books Are Easier to Borrow, Just Be Prepared to Wait. The New York Times story said that e-book borrowing is preceded by e-book waiting. I decided to take a look a virtual visit to the library in Ridgefield, […]

The Great Pay Wall of Slovakia

The first time I visited Slovakia, it was part of the former Communist nation. At the border crossing there were soldiers with machine guns. They rifled through our luggage and put a large mirror under the car to see if were attempting to bring something bad into the country. The country joined the European Union […]