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Is The Herd Coming?

Earlier this year, when the coronavirus first started to spread, almost nobody was immune. With no resistance, the virus spread quickly across communities around the world. The numbers suggest the virus is slowing down now, but at the same time, we can still see flareups and hotspots. What will it take to stop the virus […]

Do What The Doctor Tells You

In the old days of medicine, a common mantra was “Do as the doctor told you”. In Health Attitude: Unraveling and Solving the Complexities of Healthcare, I suggested patients should take more responsibility for their health and question their doctors and collaborate with them. I am quite fortunate to know a lot of doctors, some […]

Do We Really Need 100,000 Contact Tracers?

According to lexicographer and dictionary expert Susie Dent, the average active vocabulary of an adult English speaker is around 20,000 words. We also have a passive vocabulary of around 40,000 words, words we have stored but don’t use. The current environment is adding to our active vocabularies. It seems every day we hear the words […]

News from johnpatrick.com

The Covid-19 curves are bending at different rates depending on country, state, and county. You can follow the curves by country or state at healthdata.org. Unfortunately, the deaths curves are continuing to rise. The healthdata site shows the projections. You can monitor the number of new cases by country or state at the Coronavirus Dashboard. […]

News from johnpatrick.com

The coronavirus numbers are growing as expected, and will be growing much more. There are many websites with coronavirus information. I am sharing below the sites I have found most useful to see how the data are trending. The newest site I have discovered was created by Avi Schiffmann, a high schooler in Washington State. He […]