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Let’s Get The Politics Out Of Infrastructure

I believe the infrastructure of our country, states, and counties is critically important to our future. If we can get focused on infrastructure and global warming, the future for our kids and grandkids will be bright. All it takes is vision, leadership, and investment. Unfortunately, the issues have become politicized. In the case of infrastructure, […]

Voting With Paper or Internet: Which is Better?

Press articles about Internet voting abound. The articles quote technology experts who are worried about the theoretical risks of Internet voting, mobile or otherwise. They correctly say the Internet is not perfect. But, neither is the paper-base system we have. The anti-Internet voting activists continue to compare Internet voting to a perfect world which we […]

Smartphone Voting: Bring it On

Reginald Merilus is an Air Force veteran and a communication studies Major at The University of Tampa in Florida. He says, “Smartphone voting is coming, let’s embrace it”. I could not agree more. The key question is when? The current strategy of the Secretaries of State, who control how we vote, most politicians, and a cadre of […]

The Verdict From Mock Trial of Tech Titans

  Last night was the 24th Annual Genesys Partners Venture Capital Dinner & Forum at the historic Union League Club in New York City. Nearly 100 investors, analysts, journalists, and key influencers attended. CEO James Kollegger kicked off the evening and introduced Dr. Michael R. Nelson. Mike advises governments on Internet technology issues for Cloudflare, a startup that has improved […]

Digital Politics: Russian Hacking

Karen Jagoda, President at E-Voter Institute, interviewed me last week for Digital Politics. She asked really good questions about Russian hacking and what is holding back Internet voting. Karen said, “John reminds us that there is no national voting infrastructure but rather hundreds of systems used by state and local authorities to register voters, and allow […]