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Ridgefield Library: It’s All About Attitude with John Patrick

The Ridgefield Library is pleased to have author John Patrick back for his fourth visit. The lively talk, called It’s All About Attitude, will be at 7PM on Thursday, April 5. John believes many opportunities and problems have their roots in attitude. He also believes the solutions and ways forward are based on attitude. In his revealing talk, […]

Digital Politics: Russian Hacking

Karen Jagoda, President at E-Voter Institute, interviewed me last week for Digital Politics. She asked really good questions about Russian hacking and what is holding back Internet voting. Karen said, “John reminds us that there is no national voting infrastructure but rather hundreds of systems used by state and local authorities to register voters, and allow […]

Internet Voting On Trial: Problem or Panacea for Democracy?

On Monday, I will be flying to New York to attend the 23rd annual Genesys Venture Dinner at The Union League Club. This year, there will be a special pre-dinner Forum called “Internet voting on trial: Problem or Panacea for Democracy?” Following is how the organizers describe the Mock Trial and Forum. When 100 million eligible […]

Is Vote By Mail Better?

Senator Wyden of Oregon has proposed a national vote by mail system under a partnership with the United States Postal System. The proposal would eliminate the current electronic voting machines. I respect the goal of reducing the high cost of maintaining the old fashioned approach of paper ballots and scanners, but I think we can do […]

Voter Fraud – The Silver Lining

Numerous stories have appeared in the media about some aspect of our voting system. Politicians who did not win usually question the accuracy of the voting system or suggest they lost due to fraud. The President suggested there were millions of fraudulent votes in 2016. Although I do not believe there was any significant voter fraud, […]