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MRI Scans Can Now Do MRN

Most of us have no doubt had an MRI at some point. The imaging technology can be invaluable for surgeons to get a highly accurate picture of the status of a back, neck, knee, or shoulder prior to surgery. Researchers are discovering new capabilities possible with MRI technology. In a major scientific article published by […]

Do We Need a Total-Body PET Scanner?

A research team at the University of California – Davis has received a $15.5 million grant to build the world’s first total-body positron emission tomography (PET) scanner. One could argue such scans will always find something and lead to unnecessary tests and procedures which drive up the cost of healthcare. The other side of the coin […]


Many long term runners have developed arthritic conditions in their knee joints that eventually prevent them from running. Even with the best MRI scans available, it is often hard to get an accurate description of exactly what is going on. The result is a diagnosis of “you have a bum knee” and a prescription of […]