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Bike Week – 2013

One of the many things that attracts people to Florida is Bike Week in Daytona Beach.  The weather was not ideal today, with no sun shining, but nevertheless, it was a nice 30-mile motorcycle  ride on the FatBoy.  We stopped for a salad at The Black Sheep in Ormond Beach — one of the many “welcome bikers” establishments which were […]

Tanglewood by Trike – 2011

It was a special treat to be able to enjoy a nice 400 mile motorcycle trip along with a memorable concert at Tanglewood. The ride from the lakehouse in Pennsylvania to Lenox, Massachusetts took us on interstate highways initially but then mostly on state and county backroads in the state of New York and then […]


It was a beautiful day for riding the trike. The motorcycle log is getting close to 70,000 miles. As an added bonus to the ride, I got to see 8-day-old granddaughter, Cali.

Bike Week – 2011

One of the nice things about Florida–in addition to the weather–is that friends and family come to visit. This week it was my Harley-riding brother and his wife from upstate New York who visited for a few days. They trailored a new trike down and plan to take various side trips with it and then […]

Grand Canyon

Until this week I thought the Grand Canyon was a unique place in Arizona. The Grand Canyon there is the giant for sure — 277 miles  long, up to 18 miles wide and over a mile deep — but now I have learned about another Grand Canyon — in Pennsylvania. The motorcycle trip started out […]