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When Have We Seen Enough TV Drug Ads?

When Have We Seen Enough TV Drug Ads? Written: June 2015 The American Medical Association (AMA) has called for a ban on consumer TV advertisements for prescription drugs. Anyone with toenail fungus has either talked to their doctor about it or is not bothered by any symptoms. Regardless, millions of viewers of the Superbowl watched […]

Medicare to Negotiate with Pharmaceutical Industry

In March 2015, Health Attitude: Unraveling and Solving the Complexities of Healthcare was published. One of the recommendations made in the book, to address the spiraling healthcare cost for Americans, was to allow Medicare to negotiate the price of drugs. It was a lone voice at the time, but since then more and more people, including the […]

Why is health care so expensive?

As published in the Danbury News-Times and newstimes.com on Sunday, October 18, 2015 There are numerous factors contributing to our high health care cost, including unnecessary tests and procedures, the high cost of drugs, fraud, lack of tort reform, inefficiency, and lack of standards. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), signed into law […]

FDA Approves First 3-D printed Pill

If you are a believer in the future of 3-D printing, as I am, you believe just about anything can be printed. At the 3D Printing Conference and Expo in New York earlier this year, I saw printed shoes, chocolate pretzels, jewelry, teeth, and the fenders of a car. I have to admit, I had not […]