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How Can Smartphones Improve Our Health?

 How Can Smartphones Improve Our Health? Written: October 2022 In July 2015, I published a peer-reviewed journal article titled “How mHealth will spur consumer-led healthcare”. The following paragraph is the abstract of the article. If you are interested in the full article, you can find it here. Abstract – 2015 Consumer attitudes about their healthcare […]

Do It Yourself For Covid-19

On March 13, I posted a story about the silver lining in the coronavirus cloud (See re-post below). Despite the enormous pain and suffering millions of people will endure, I continue to believe there will be many good things, in addition to the things I mentioned in the earlier post, which will emerge on the […]

MedTech Chat with Dr. John Patrick: Healthcare Predictions

On October 30, I chatted about the future of healthcare with Abigail Esposito on WTWH Media. The interview was published on the Medical Design & Outsourcing website and it was also podcasted. Podcasts are becoming very popular as a way to share points of view. Many people listen to them on their smartphones. This particular podcast lasted […]

How Mobile Health Will Change Patient Provider Relationships

Healthcare Consultants Forum Online Newsletter – Quarter 4, 2015 Author: John R. Patrick, DHA President Attitude LLC Palm Coast, Fla. Consumers are taking more responsibility for their health and seeking to collaborate with their physicians. Mobile health apps and devices, in combination with cloud computing, will play a major role in empowering consumers. Mobile devices […]

Electronic Clothing

An international team of researchers believe graphene, the miraculous material set to change the world, will become part of the clothing we wear. No more bulky smart watches, phones, and music players hanging from our clothes. These things will be woven into our clothes. Research is beginning to show the potential to weave fitness, entertainment, GPS systems, […]