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Medicaid and Poverty

Medicaid is an “entitlement” program. That means anyone who meets eligibility criteria related to poverty has a right to enroll and receive Medicaid coverage. It also means states have guaranteed financial support from Washington for part of the cost of their Medicaid programs if the states cover certain “mandatory” populations: Children through age 18 in […]


Medicaid is in the news every day. People, politicians, policymakers, providers, and payers are expressing points of view ranging from kill it to expand it. Unfortunately, most people are not well informed about what Medicaid is. I would like to help on the informing part of the issue by describing what it is, how it […]

Where Does the Fraud Come From

In Health Attitude, I described cost as the largest problem in our healthcare system. One of the sources of the high cost I wrote about is fraud. I am often asked where the fraud comes from. I am sure all of us hold our doctors in high regard and would never suspect them of any untoward […]

Connecticut and Medicaid

One of the questions I am asked the most is about whether America should have a single payer for healthcare. The idea sounds compelling to many, but I argue in Health Attitude the economy of scale would turn into a diseconomy of scale. Bigger is not always better. We have 50 states and all are […]

Fraud Reduction Could Fund A Chunk Of Healthcare

On February7 we will be discussing Computational Biology at Demo. No doubt we will hear about some potential breakthroughs in healthcare. One thing we know for sure is that new healthcare solutions are costly. How will people afford them? There are many issues associated with this and one of them is the fraud that occurs […]