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iPad – Part 6: File sharing and printing

The iPad became much more useful to me yesterday after attending a board meeting in Manhattan. A board colleague showed and I shared our experiences with our iPads and I learned about some new productivity tools. The iPad is great for reading documents of all kinds and when it comes to games, video, pictures, music […]

iPad – Part 5: Printing

The iPad is a window through which you can enjoy content. The clarity and interaction are really great. Why would anyone ever want to print this beautiful content? There are reasons. A boarding pass for your airline — at least until they all let you use your cell phone to authenticate and board. An email […]

iPad – Part 4: What You Can’t Do

There are many things you can do with the iPad and we are only at the beginning — but there are some things you can’t do. Although I have been accused in jest that my enthusiasm for the iPad makes some wonder if I am on the Apple payroll. I am indeed very bullish about the […]

iPad – Part 3: Other Reading

Many of us have weighed in on the various aspects of e-books and e-readers. The jury will be out for quite awhile as the publishers, Apple, Sony, Google, Lenovo, Dell, and numerous others refine their strategy for what goes into a book, how it is displayed, and how it is priced. While the book war […]