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Is Apple Having a Supply Chain Problem?

Is Apple Having a Supply Chain Problem? Written: September 2022 Big Brown pulled up in front of my home at 12:15 p.m. on Friday. Our happy UPS driver, Russ, brought the box to my front door. I had pre-signed the Apple/UPS form and taped it to the door to authorize leaving the package in case […]

Apple’s Staggering Numbers

Apple’s earnings report this week included a lot of staggering numbers. As of noon Friday the company was valued by the market at 2.2 trillion dollars, the largest in the world. Skeptics have questioned whether the company can continue to grow rapidly, if at all. As written here many times, the skeptics have underestimated the […]

Back from Florida

The weather was so nice, it was difficult to leave and come home. I feel very fortunate to have been able to spend a bit more time in Florida this winter. Thanks to FaceTime, Skype, Polycom, iMessage, email, and the web, it was easy to participate in board meetings remotely. I was even able to […]

DEMO in Santa Clara – 2011

Demo has always been my favorite conference, and this past week in Santa Clara proved valuable once again. I believe this was the twenty-first year I have attended Demo. The Demo conference allows entrepreneurs to show off new gadgets, software, hardware and business ideas and enables the press, analysts, investors, key influencers and technology enthusiasts […]

The Future of the Web

The Demo conference two weeks ago was in Santa Clara, not San Diego. Sorry for the error — Demo has often been in San Diego, but not this time. My last posting summarized what the event is all about and mentioned a few companies that launched there. In addition to the excitement of seeing so […]