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Things Change

Graduating from engineering school and joining IBM were just two things of thousands which happened 50 years ago. Another was the beginning of OCLC. Over the decades the name of the organization has changed a number of times. Like IBM, Apple, and many other companies, the full original name has changed to something simpler and […]

WorldCat – The World’s Largest Library Database

This week 45 years ago, Ohio University entered library catalog information about 133 books into an IBM mainframe database. This was the beginning of an online database about books. During the four and a half decades, librarians around the world have contributed to the database, called WordlCat, and managed by OCLC, a nonprofit, library cooperative based in […]

How Libraries Play Critical Role in Healthcare

WebJunction is a site managed by OCLC where library professionals gather to build the knowledge, skills and support they need to power relevant, vibrant libraries. ZeroDivide has published an infographic about the critical role public libraries play in addressing equitable access to health information and resources. They named the infographic Library Heroes Make Health Happen. Libraries do amazing things around the world. The […]

If You Love Books, Check Out The NetGalley

If you love books, you will love NetGalley. Librarians, booksellers, educators, reviewers, bloggers, and avid readers use NetGalley to discover, read and share reviews about new books, usually before they are published. If you love to discover new books and review and recommend them, you qualify as a “professional reader”. Registration at NetGalley is free and the site supports […]

WorldCat – Two Billion and Growing

It is a privilege to be able to participate and contribute to various boards.  Board service is a way to learn new things, meet interesting people, and gain new perspectives. That has certainly been the case since I joined the board of OCLC in 2009. Fifteen years ago some pundits — myself not included — were saying that libraries […]