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Correction: 3-D Printing Meniscus for Your Knee

A physician surgeon friend enlightened me about the story I posted last week. I was not 100% accurate in what I wrote. I always appreciate feedback about my blog posts, especially if it highlights an error on my part. The following is what he said. John, I’ve been meaning to respond to the e-mail from you […]

3-D Printing Meniscus for Your Knee

Baby boomers have a lot in common. One thing is the need for joint replacements. The annual number of knee and hip replacements is nearly one million. Looking ahead we may not have enough surgeons to meet the demand. The demand comes from injury, overuse, and arthritic deterioration of cartilage. We have all heard the phrase, “I am down to bone on bone”. Breakthroughs […]


Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of data, information, or knowledge.  The purpose is to present complex information quickly and clearly and to enhance our understanding by using our brain’s ability to recognize trends and patterns.  As the amount of data in the world continues to mushroom, demand will increase for workers with […]

Knee Replacement

It seems like everyone knows someone who has had a total knee replacement or is considering one. There was a lot of feedback about the Oxinium knee story I wrote about my own knee replacement back in the Fall of 2008 and then the follow-on story where I shared my thoughts on how to prepare for […]


Many long term runners have developed arthritic conditions in their knee joints that eventually prevent them from running. Even with the best MRI scans available, it is often hard to get an accurate description of exactly what is going on. The result is a diagnosis of “you have a bum knee” and a prescription of […]