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UBI: What’s the Alternative?

As expected, the UBI post generated a lot of feedback.  I have appended a handful of the emails I received below (without identity). I agree with naysayers the UBI solution is far from perfect, but I continue to respond with, “What is your alternative?” There is a high probability millions of jobs will be eliminated, […]

Will UBI Follow The Pandemic?

From everything I have read, the looming recession, which some experts are calling a possible recession within a recession, is likely to permanently eliminate millions of jobs. Some economists see visions of 2008 and a long recovery to get lower-income workers back on their feet. If we are lucky, and a well-designed stimulus package emerges, […]


The movie “Jobs” was excellent. I never watched Two and a Half Men before so I was not familiar with Ashton Kutcher.  He is one outstanding actor, and at just 35, he has quite a career ahead after Jobs. Apparently, the reviews have been mixed, but I thought it was fantastic. I could identify with […]

Steve Jobs

The outpouring of stories about Steve Jobs has been impressive and certainly justified in tribute to an incredible person such as Steve Jobs. I am very saddened by the loss of such a vibrant and creative human being. I don’t think about the price of the Apple shares I own, but I can’t help but […]

iPad 2

The iPad 2 announcement was mostly as expected–thinner, lighter, faster, two cameras built in, and a gyroscope! A new dual-core processor, branded the A5, is included and promises significantly faster performance. The positive surprise is that all the new features come with the same great battery life as the first iPad, and an innovative new […]