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The movie “Jobs” was excellent. I never watched Two and a Half Men before so I was not familiar with Ashton Kutcher.  He is one outstanding actor, and at just 35, he has quite a career ahead after Jobs. Apparently, the reviews have been mixed, but I thought it was fantastic. I could identify with […]

Kindle Update

Thanks to Mary Keough, over at IBM, for reading my post and correcting me on the weight of the Kindle Touch. I was thinking of the new $79 Kindle when I said six ounces. I weighed four devices this morning to make sure I got this right. Here is what I found. I have to […]

Steve Jobs

The outpouring of stories about Steve Jobs has been impressive and certainly justified in tribute to an incredible person such as Steve Jobs. I am very saddened by the loss of such a vibrant and creative human being. I don’t think about the price of the Apple shares I own, but I can’t help but […]