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Giraff Plus

Conventional wisdom points to a shortage of nurses in healthcare.  The number of elderly is climbing and so is the number of retiring nurses.  The Wall Street Journal this morning reported that one percent of chronically ill patients consume 22% of healthcare expenditures.  Elderly patients get shuffled back and forth to multiple providers resulting in […]


A textbook on telemedicine (Fong, Fong, & Li, 2011) was quite interesting. I am especially interested in telemonitoring for the purpose of recording cardiac activity for the purpose of predicting impending heart failure. I expect a huge growth in the use of telemonitoring for home health care, and it seems that the consumer electronics industry, […]

The New MacBook Pro

Microsoft this week displayed a stark contrast in their marketing strategy versus Apple.  With great fanfare Microsoft announced their new tablet computer called the Surface.  CNET described it as an “attempted market freeze” (See Microsoft attempts market freeze with Surface preview).  The reason for the CNET commentary is that the Surface was announced with fanfare, […]

FCC Approves Spectrum Changes for Sprint and Hospitals

Ars Technica reported this week that the FCC has approved some spectrum changes that will allow Sprint to improve their wireless service (See FCC approves spectrum changes for Sprint and hospitals for details.)  The more interesting news is that the FCC also approved a second set of spectrum-use rules that will enable hospitals to establish medical body area […]

IBM at 100 – A Day of Nostalgia and Optimism

I was not exactly sure what to expect when I arrived at the world famous T. J. Watson Research Center at IBM last week. I have been there many times over the years but never to a birthday party. I walked in to the arrival tent where light refreshments were being served and the crowd […]