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How mHealth, 3-D Printing & Robots Will Change The World For People With Special Needs

Exceptional Parent Magazine provides practical advice, emotional support, and up-to-date educational information for families of children and adults with disabilities and special healthcare needs. One of my readers follows EP and introduced me to Vanessa Ira, Managing Editor. Vanessa told me about EP’s Annual Resource Guide for their readers, and asked if I would write […]

Robots At Home

Robots will take on a much wider and more significant role in home healthcare than in surgery. Giraff Plus is a European healthcare project aiming to combine social interaction and long-term monitoring to help people live independently. The Giraff is a home-resident robot specifically designed to take care of the elderly. The robot looks like […]

Robots Walking Like Humans

Remember Star Wars’ C-3PO, the droid programmed for etiquette and protocol, built by the heroic Jedi Anakin Skywalker? Remember how he walked, mechanically. Take a look at the YouTube video at the top of this story and watch how Georgia Tech’s DURUS robot strolls on his size 13 arched, spring-loaded metal feet. The engineers started with […]

Where Does the Fraud Come From

In Health Attitude, I described cost as the largest problem in our healthcare system. One of the sources of the high cost I wrote about is fraud. I am often asked where the fraud comes from. I am sure all of us hold our doctors in high regard and would never suspect them of any untoward […]

Home Robots

Robots will play an increasingly important role in home healthcare in the years ahead. The little guy in the picture was developed by Westminster Technologies, Inc. in Cleveland, OH. The target market for the robots is K-12 schools. Some STEM programs (science technology engineering mathematics) have funding for the technology. Kids can learn how they […]