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Geocaching Update

The more planning you do before your geo-caching expedition, the better. I recommend doing it the night before so you are not rushed with last minute interruptions in the morning. If you want to read a good “how to” guide on geocaching, I recommend visiting HobbyHelp. Jenny, from HobbyHelp discovered some of my posts about […]

Nutmeg and Laurel

The post below is from August 2005 when I placed a geocache  not far off a trail  near the Ridgefield, Connecticut “rails to trails” hiking path. Placement of the cache was approved by the Town of Ridgefield. Since then,  geocaching.com shows that 89 people have had the pleasure of finding “Nutmeg and Laurel”,  the name […]

Big Pocono Day

It was a hot hazy humid August summer day — perfect for a Harley Trike ride around the Pocono Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania. Our first stop was at the Mount Airy Hotel and Casino in Mount Pocono.  The Mount Airy building is very large, but it does not compare with The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, […]

Happy Birthday GPS

Twelve years ago geocaching suddenly became useful to citizens. Prior to May 2, 2000, the GPS satellite network had a “feature” called Selective Availability that provided an intentional degradation of the GPS signal so that only the military could use it with accuracy.  When President Clinton signed an order to permanently turn off the feature, civilian GPS […]

Civil War

The summer would not be complete without reaching the goal of finding 100 geocaches since we started geocaching in 2003. I had mentioned “clever” in the last post and today I found yet another example of clever thinking by some very dedicated people in Pennsylvania. There were two multicaches that I was fortunate to be […]