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Do People Die Because They Have No Health Insurance?

One of the topics I wrote about in Health Attitude was about access and equity of healthcare in America. The access part is about the fact 30+ million people have no health insurance. The equity part is about the fact millions of people not having health insurance is not fair. In a prior posting I […]

John Patrick Op-Ed Appeared In Hartford Courant

The following op-ed appeared this morning (06/28/2015) in the Hartford Courant. On Thursday, the Supreme Court upheld Affordable Care Act subsidies for all Americans regardless of what health insurance exchange they use. The issue was whether qualified citizens who purchased health care insurance through the federal healthcare.gov website are entitled to a subsidy. Opponents claimed […]

Supreme Court Ruling

This morning, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling on an important element of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA was signed into law in March 2010. The issue was whether citizens who purchased healthcare insurance through the federal healthcare.gov website are entitled to a subsidy if they qualify. The legislation specified […]

Telehealth Is Closer Than Many Think

UnitedHealthcare, the largest healthcare insurer, has announced expanded coverage for virtual physician visits. The new coverage is limited initially to people in self-funded employer health plans. Online access to a physician can be by mobile phone, tablet, or desktop 24 hours a day. The American Telemedicine Association said more than 10 million consumers directly benefited from […]

A Hospital With Health Attitude

Danbury Area Computer Society (DACS) is holding their monthly meeting  on Tuesday, May 5, at the Danbury Hospital Creasy Auditorium. I am privileged to be the speaker for the 23rd year. The event is open to the public. The program this year will be a bit different. I will be presenting my new book, Health Attitude: […]