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The Amazing Maize Maze

Here are a few pictures I forgot to include from the visit to Cherry Crest Adventure Farm. I also made a few minor changes to the mini website which contains the two wordles I created from the The Declaration of Independence and chapter one of Net Attitude. You can create your own wordle. Just visit the wordle […]

The Amazing Maize Maze

Visiting the grandchildren is always a special treat. This weekend we took them to Ronks, PA in Lancaster County in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The destination was Cherry Crest Adventure Farm where they specialize in agri-tainment. The huge working farm is a big treat for kids — they can be entertained and […]

iPad – Part 9: The Seventeen Month Review

Most pundits are adults — if not seniors. Perhaps we should get some input from the younger crowd. Much younger. Like one of my grandchildren. After just seventeen months in this world my grandson has a perspective worth knowing about. – and seeing! iPad Thoughts Other gadget related stories on patrickWeb