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Nutmeg and Laurel

The post below is from August 2005 when I placed a geocache  not far off a trail  near the Ridgefield, Connecticut “rails to trails” hiking path. Placement of the cache was approved by the Town of Ridgefield. Since then,  geocaching.com shows that 89 people have had the pleasure of finding “Nutmeg and Laurel”,  the name […]

Happy Birthday GPS

Twelve years ago geocaching suddenly became useful to citizens. Prior to May 2, 2000, the GPS satellite network had a “feature” called Selective Availability that provided an intentional degradation of the GPS signal so that only the military could use it with accuracy.  When President Clinton signed an order to permanently turn off the feature, civilian GPS […]

Chilling Effects

Geocaching in Florida last week was an exciting experience and it was chilling to come home and find the temperature more than 75 degrees colder. There is a lot I want to write about Linux, WiFi, blogging, digital identity and other aspects of Internet technology, but I know there are patrickWeb readers who are fellow […]