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Innovation and Research

Last night was the first meeting of the Western Connecticut Health Network (WCHN) Biomedical Innovation and Research Council, of which I am privileged to be a member. The meeting was held at the recently christened Rudy L. Ruggles Biomedical Research Institute in Danbury, CT. The Institute aims to advance the health of our community by […]

DNA and the Genome

I have been fascinated with DNA and genetics for years, and have read a number of books about them. It seems the more I read, the less I know. The terminology is mind numbing and still expanding. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a molecule that carries the genetic instructions used in the growth, development, functioning, and […]


There are a lot of subjects I do not know much about. One of them is genomics. I moderated a panel at a technology conference a few years ago that included three PhDs in bioinformatics and I learned enough to confirm how little I knew. I asked the three experts what book would enlighten me. […]