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Genesys Partners Venture Dinner

Genesys CEO Jim Kollegger asked me to discuss my point of view called It’s All About Attitude and describe each of my four books. I said sure, how much time will I have. He said five minutes. Ten minutes would be more realistic, I said. The final YouTube video is Six minutes and 51 seconds. […]

Internet voting on trial: Problem or Panacea for Democracy?

The 23rd Annual Genesys Partners Venture Dinner and Forum — Genesys XXIII– was held Tuesday night at the Union League Club in New York.  The event was attended by approximately 100 invited venture capitalists, investors, journalists, entrepreneurs, and industry executives. The Forum preceeding the reception and dinner was called “Internet voting on trial: Problem or Panacea […]

Health Attitude First Book Signing in New York

Health Attitude was published by Attitude LLC on Wednesday, March 18, 2015. The initial launch took place on Tuesday, March 24 at the 21st Annual Genesys Partners Venture Dinner at the Union League Club in New York. The first book signing took place the next day at the Agility First! Forum at The Standard in East Village, New York City. It was my pleasure […]