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iPhone 4 – Part 6: et tu, iPad?

The iPhone 4 is going strong. I took some pictures today and noticed how much faster the capture is — significantly faster than the 3GS. Between the faster processor and additional memory the performance for everything it does is better. One thing I had not anticipated, however, is the impact of the iPhone 4 on […]

iPhone 4 – Part 5: 2nd Day Impressions

The honeymoon is still underway — the iPhone 4 is extraordinary from my perspective. Apple sent an email inviting iPhone 4 owners to make a FaceTime call to one of their representatives. I placed the call at 10 am Friday morning and it was answered promptly. The rep asked if I had WiFi and then […]

iPhone 4 – Part 4: Hot Deals

The temperature here in New England is in the 90s today, but there are some other places that are also hot — in a commercial sense that is. After stopping by the Danbury Fair Mall on an errand I happened to walk by the Apple store. It may have been short compared to those in […]