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What Is the Future of Car Maintenance?

Written: October 14, 2021 In August, I wrote about my experience in finishing a second three-year lease and starting a third lease on the Tesla Model S. As discussed, Tesla is determined to automate the entire sales and delivery process for their cars. What about car maintenance after the delivery process? To discuss maintenance of […]

Is Tesla a Software Company?

Tesla delivered 97,000 new cars in the quarter just ended on 9/30. Most of them were the Model 3 (which my wife has). Whether model 3, model S, or Model X, they all use basically the same software, just like different models of the iPhone all use iOS. When a new version of the Tesla […]

Tesla Miles Per Gallon

Thanks to my friend Dan in California for posing a question about my Tesla Supercharger story last week. He asked, “So how do youn calculate mpg when there is no G?” Good question. The following is from the window sticker of my Model S. The government calls it MPGe, with the e standing for equivalent. […]

No Room at the Tesla Inn

For the first time in 3 1/2 years, I encountered “No Room at the Inn” for Tesla Superchargers. I stopped at the Danbury Fair Mall in Danbury, CT to get my glasses repaired, have a sandwich, visit the four PokéStops, and catch some wild Pokémon. Tesla recently installed ten Supercharger stalls at the Mall, and […]

Tesla Police Cars

The Tesla performed very nicely driving back to Connecticut from Florida. It was a great three months there, and as the temperatures began to drop and signs of snow appeared, I was tempted to turn around and drive back to Florida. Most of the Supercharger locations along our route had no other cars charging. One […]