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Education for AI

There is no doubt millions of jobs will be absorbed by impending robotic and AI technologies. It is already beginning in the financial and services industries where there is a major push to improve efficiency and replace the decades old infrastructure which handles mundane transaction processing. Millions of new jobs will be created for data […]

Impact of AI on Jobs

In a 2017 e-brief, I suggested artificial intelligence (AI) will change everything. One of the things is employment. Some embrace doom and gloom scenarios where millions of jobs are lost to robots and algorithms, creating a major burden for society. A cabinet member at the time said the impact is 50-100 years down the road. […]

Leadership at Tesla

According to recent data, Tesla experienced a higher than normal accident rate in its California factory. Some will call Elon Musk’s response an attempt at PR or spin. I would call it leadership, extraordinary leadership. He is the reason Tesla is valued by investors at nearly $60 billion, compared to Ford’s value of $43 billion. Ford […]

The Future of Our Brain

Some e-brief readers have asked for my opinion on Elon Musk’s new venture called Neuralink. First I will confess my bias. I think Elon Musk is one of the smartest people on Earth. After I read his biography, I ordered a Tesla Model S, and am glad I did. What he is doing with SpaceX and Solar Cities […]