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Time for Internet Voting?

Time for Internet Voting? The House Committee on Suffrage and Electoral Reforms in Manila, Philippines approved the proposed Overseas Voting Act of 2023. The Bill would allow overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to vote via the internet. This is great news and I hope other countries, including the United States, will adopt such forward thinking. One […]

Hackers and Voting Machines

A number of readers have asked for a perspective on the news story about a Las Vegas conference where hackers were able to easily break in to 30 voting machines. First of all, despite the sensational headlines, the successful hacking should be no surprise. I wrote about this more than a year ago in Election […]

Russian Hacking

As I described in an audio podcast last week (click here if you would like to listen to the interview), Russian hacking is not the most important story for the press to be spending so much time on. The Russians have been using propaganda and information related techniques to meddle for decades. That is nothing […]

Digital Politics: Russian Hacking

Karen Jagoda, President at E-Voter Institute, interviewed me last week for Digital Politics. She asked really good questions about Russian hacking and what is holding back Internet voting. Karen said, “John reminds us that there is no national voting infrastructure but rather hundreds of systems used by state and local authorities to register voters, and allow […]

Senior Scam – A Fraudulent Promotion and Privacy Theft

This week, I received a special offer in the mail; not email, USPS mail. The three part form and format were designed to deceive you and make you think it was an official government document. It was labeled 2017 DEATH BENEFIT INFORMATION. UNITED STATES MAIL RECIPIENT. Then in small print, IMPORTANT NON-GOVERNMENTAL DOCUMENT ENCLOSED ON INSURANCE […]