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iPhone 4 – Part 5: 2nd Day Impressions

The honeymoon is still underway — the iPhone 4 is extraordinary from my perspective. Apple sent an email inviting iPhone 4 owners to make a FaceTime call to one of their representatives. I placed the call at 10 am Friday morning and it was answered promptly. The rep asked if I had WiFi and then […]

iPhone 4 – Part 4: Hot Deals

The temperature here in New England is in the 90s today, but there are some other places that are also hot — in a commercial sense that is. After stopping by the Danbury Fair Mall on an errand I happened to walk by the Apple store. It may have been short compared to those in […]

Conversational Media Summit – Part 1

Attending conferences is the best way I know of to stay on the edge of what is happening in the world. Reading content on the Web and exchanging emails is vital but there is no substitute for attending a few conferences per year where you can talk to people at meals and breaks plus interact […]