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Digital Politics: Russian Hacking

Karen Jagoda, President at E-Voter Institute, interviewed me last week for Digital Politics. She asked really good questions about Russian hacking and what is holding back Internet voting. Karen said, “John reminds us that there is no national voting infrastructure but rather hundreds of systems used by state and local authorities to register voters, and allow […]

Congressmen Want Internet Voting

Several House members have introduced a bipartisan resolution to modernize how Congress operates. It includes the ability to vote remotely or take part in hearings online. A California Congressman said, “Across the nation we see the development of new, innovative ways of conducting business to improve communication and connectedness. It’s time for Congress to learn to be more […]

Political Hacking and Internet Voting

France has joined the U.S. and other countries as a victim of  hacking and fraudulent postings in various political systems. These activities are only tangentially related to Internet voting, which I continue to advocate. Unfortunately, the fear arising out of the hacking is holding back progress toward modern voting. We must not forget in 2012 and […]

Penetanguishene Internet Voting

I cannot pronounce it, but Penetanguishene is a town in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada. It is one of many which has decided to go with Internet voting at the municipally level in 2018. The Town Council voted in favor of Internet and telephone voting exclusively for the 2018 Municipal Election. In 2014, the town had used both paper […]

Canadian Internet Voting

The anti-Internet voting activists are hard at work to preserve the status quo and scare politicians and Secretaries of State. They use papers and presentations to convince those who are responsible for elections in the American States and Canadian municipalities to believe “never is too soon” for Internet voting. As discussed in detail in Election Attitude […]