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Reflections on Bitcoin – 10: State of Bitcoin

Bitcoin continues to gain momentum. CoinDesk, a global news source for Bitcoin happenings, presented it’s State of Bitcoin Q2 2014 on July 10 at the CoinSummit in London. There are a number of highlights to their report. Bitcoin price has back come back 39% from the end of Q1. The number of stories mentioning Bitcoin in the […]

Reflections on Bitcoin – 9

Bitcoin continues to gain momentum. There are different estimates of how many merchants accept BTC, but there are thousands. Coindesk said that innovative merchants have been installing bitcoin payment-processing services in their stores and integrating it into their POS and ordering systems. Coindesk points out that bitcoin is a great way for merchants to appeal to […]

Reflections on Bitcoin – 7

The value of a Bitcoin is up approximately 50% from recent lows. Does this mean just a spike among speculators, or does it reflect increasing belief in the fundamentals as described here numerous times? I see coinbase.com as a proxy for the future of Bitcoin. The  company is based in San Francisco, California and claims […]

Payment – Apple – Bitcoin – PayPal

PayPal is trying to get into the payment market, and I recently read that Home Depot now accepts PayPal in their stores. I have been asking myself why I would want to pay in a store with PayPal? Today, I got the answer. After a pleasant motorcycle ride to the Palm Coast Home Depot store […]

My First Purchase Using Bitcoin

Bitpay is an Atlanta startup that says their mission is to make Bitcoin every merchant’s favorite form of payment. They claim that more than 20,000 businesses use their services. The official merchant count on Bitcoin Pulse is approximately 2,800 merchants. Whichever number you believe, adoption is clearly rising. Perhaps like others, I was curious about how […]