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How Big is the Big Pharma Lobby?

Written: October 12, 2017 Edited: September 30, 2021 At a political rally in Kentucky in 2017, President Donald Trump said drug prices were “outrageous”. The next day, according to Kaiser Health News, the pharmaceutical industry donated more money to political campaigns than any other day of the year. Eight pharma political action committees made 137 contributions […]

Corrupt Congress

Congress not only indirectly raised the cost of healthcare by not allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, but also in at least one case, it raised the cost of drugs through a pinpoint piece of legislation. The New York Times reported a provision buried in the “fiscal cliff” bill passed in January 2013 gave Amgen, […]

What the Next President Should Do About Healthcare (Radio interview)

The sound clip below is from a radio interview on WNZF in Palm Coast, Florida on March 18 with station general manager David Ayers. Bill Tol, Director of Florida Hospital HospiceCare Foundation and I talked with David about healthcare. The interview was a prelude to a talk at the Community Open Forum educational series at Florida […]