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AI and Congress

On April 10th and 11th, 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was questioned for almost 10 hours by senators and representatives before joint Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees regarding the company’s privacy policies and use of data collected on the company’s social media web site. The most used phrase in Mr. Zuckerberg’s responses was AI (artificial […]

Medicaid and Poverty

Medicaid is an “entitlement” program. That means anyone who meets eligibility criteria related to poverty has a right to enroll and receive Medicaid coverage. It also means states have guaranteed financial support from Washington for part of the cost of their Medicaid programs if the states cover certain “mandatory” populations: Children through age 18 in […]


Medicaid is in the news every day. People, politicians, policymakers, providers, and payers are expressing points of view ranging from kill it to expand it. Unfortunately, most people are not well informed about what Medicaid is. I would like to help on the informing part of the issue by describing what it is, how it […]

Obamacare and Healthcare Technology Startups

As I wrote in “Political Debates: Little Substance About Healthcare“, I had hoped to hear a lot of substance about healthcare reform during the political debates this year. So far, there has little substance. I doubt if any of the candidates in either party know what is in the ten parts of Obamacare, the Patient […]

Key Issues for Healthcare in 2016

The Health Research Institute (HRI) at PwC (formerly PriceWaterhouseCoopers) describes the top health industry issues it sees for 2016. They are summarized below with my own interpretation. You can read the full report at Top health industry trends and issues 2016: PwC. 2016 will see a continuation of high-profile mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare industry.  The emerging […]