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Doctoral Journey – Part 6

Doctoral Journey – Part 6 Foreword This is the last part of my reflection on the doctoral journey. It started in 2010 and ended in 2015. Written: July 2014 Edited: January 2023 Several readers, and the university, have asked me if I would recommend University of Phoenix. It depends. I had searched for an accredited, […]

Doctoral Journey – Part 5

Doctoral Journey – Part 5 Written: December 2013 Edited: January 2023 Next week, it will be 40 months since my decision in August 2010 to begin a doctoral journey. It has been eight months since I provided an update on the journey, and that is the purpose of this post. As of September 30, 2013, I have completed […]

Doctoral Journey – Part 4

Doctoral Journey – Part 4 Foreword I have received a lot of feedback about the Doctoral Journey series. Some said, “Good luck on the journey”, or “Keep going”, and other comments which made it clear some readers thought I was on the journey now. I guess I did not make it clear enough the journey […]

Doctoral Journey – Part 3

Doctoral Journey – Part 3 Written: September 2011 Edited: December 2022 I really appreciate the support from my friends and family for my decision a year ago to begin the doctoral journey. I promised periodic updates, the purpose of this posting. I have now completed 19 credits of coursework out of the required 62 — […]

Doctoral Journey – Part 2

Doctoral Journey – Part 2 Written: December 2010 I really appreciate the support from my friends and family for my decision this past August to begin the doctoral journey. After the first four courses it was time to attend the first residency in Atlanta this past week. I have been an Internet advocate for almost […]