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Privacy And Trust – Part 6

In the near future most people will have a digital ID along with an accompanying biometric link such as a fingerprint, face print, voiceprint, iris or retina scan. The combination of digital ID and biometric will enable you to establish yourself as a completely unique person. At last you have the ability in the digital […]

Privacy And Trust – Part 5

There was a cartoon by Peter Steiner in the July 5, 1993 issue of The New Yorker showing a dog at a PC speaking to another dog watching from the floor. The caption was, ?On the Internet nobody knows you’re a dog.? Very true and in fact nobody really knows for sure just who you […]

Privacy And Trust – Part 4

Mention the word trust and many people immediately think of security. We hear so many negative questions about Internet security. Is it strong enough? What will happen to my credit card number? What about hackers? We would like to implement this or that application but we can’t because of ?security?. The list goes on. This […]

Privacy And Trust – Part 3

Most websites now have privacy policies and it is a good idea to read them, especially if it is a company you have not done business with before. Some privacy policies amount to "We capture data about you and we sell it or give it to anyone we choose". Other companies have a policy like […]

Too Secure?

Is it possible to be too secure? This morning I was working on a personal financial matter that required me to send some information to another person. The information was on a paper document and I did not have a machine readable version of it. I scanned the document and sent it via email as […]