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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

A paper was posted on the Internet by Satoshi Nakamoto in November 2008, “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”.  The paper described a system where Bitcoin, a digital currency, can be used to buy and sell goods and services or to just buy and hold the Bitcoin. Currencies such as the U.S. dollar, the Canadian […]

Bitcoin: Is It For Real?

The following article appeared in the current issue of Sun and Surf Magazine. It was published in Palm Coast, Florida. Meanwhile, the Coindesk Consensus 2018 conference is underway this week in New York City. The interest level for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is strong. More than 7,700 attendees showed up to talk about these technologies. Experts and […]

What’s Next For Bitcoin – Part 2

My friend Harris Miller, in Virginia, pointed out there was a $70 million bitcoin theft, which may have gotten lost in the news frenzy over the price rise. He makes a valid point, and I would like to make some further comments about the heist in this post. The $70 million of bitcoin was stolen from […]

What’s Next For Bitcoin

In February 1637, a single tulip bulb sold for more than 10 times the annual income of a skilled craftsman. Very shortly after the peak, the price collapsed dramatically. The build up became known as tulip mania. An article in the “Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics” used the term to refer to large economic bubbles […]

Cryptocurrencies and the Scope of Bitcoin

I get a lot of questions about Bitcoin, and I do not claim to have the answers. However, in this post, I will try to clarify some facts, and offer a few opinions. Currently, there are more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies. The total market capitalization (value) of all cryptocurrencies now exceeds $150 billion. The value has grown dramatically, […]