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I was fortunate on Friday to attend Masterminds at the Ohio Union in the center of The Ohio State University campus. I was the guest of Cindy Hilsheimer, founder and managing principal of BeecherHill, a retained executive search firm in Columbus. Cindy and I are board colleagues at at OCLC, Inc. in nearby Dublin, Ohio. Masterminds is […]

The AI Doctor

There are 2.5 doctors for every 1,000 people in the United States. In China, there are 1.5. While artificial intelligence (AI) is being developed all around the world, China has  the most urgency behind their research and development. Computerized medical diagnosis is part of China’s grand plan to fully embrace AI by 2020. China is likely […]

Smarter Cardio Care

More than 25% of deaths in the United States are caused by heart disease. There are many statistics on the subject but to me the stunning one is that between 1,500 and 2,000 people die of heart disease every day. Most people would assume that heart disease is the leading cause of death for men […]

31 hours to get there, but worth it

Reflection – written February 25, 1997 My second 1997 journey to Asia started with a flight on United Airlines to San Francisco on Saturday morning, February 22. During my stop in San Francisco I checked in for my first ever flight with Air China. It was my second trip to China but the first with […]