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Personal Medical Technology

The Body Fat Scale has prompted as much feedback as the future of the Internet! This will be the last story about it though. Perhaps it is holiday gadget gift giving that is behind the interest or perhaps it is a desire that many people have to focus on their physical condition at the beginning […]

Body Fat Scale – Reader Feedback

Feedback about the Body Fat Scale has ranged from "why bother" to "wow, didn’t know about that". There was also constructive feedback from Tony, who endorsed the need to monitor both weight and body-fat. "I’m 46, with a family history of heart disease. I have mild hypertension, Type II diabetes and I’m slightly overweight and […]

Tanita Body Fat Monitor/Scale

I can’t say that I am in the best possible physical condition, but I do work hard at staying fit. When I received a Tanita Body Fat Monitor/Scale as a gift this week, I hope it was more about my love of gadgets than a different implication. The theory behind having a way to measure […]