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Can The World Get Vaccinated?

Vaccination is an important topic of the moment. This article will be longer than usual, but I wanted to share what I have learned. I believe the entire world will get vaccinated against the deadly SARS-CoV-2 virus which has proved to be deadly and highly contagious causing COVID-19. Equally important is what has been learned […]

Scientists Report Advance in Drug Repurposing

For most of recorded history, medicine has been qualitative in nature, relying on subjective feedback from patients and anecdotal prescriptions from physicians. Medicine today is becoming more and more quantitative in nature. The Wall Street Journal yesterday reported what they described as “high-tech recycling”, where researchers have developed an innovative way to use already-approved drugs […]


There are a lot of subjects I do not know much about. One of them is genomics. I moderated a panel at a technology conference a few years ago that included three PhDs in bioinformatics and I learned enough to confirm how little I knew. I asked the three experts what book would enlighten me. […]

Back to School – The Beginning of My Doctoral Journey

The grandkids have their backpacks loaded up. I hate to see them bent over hauling many pounds of books and look forward to the day when they have just a Kindle and some wholesome snacks in their backpacks with room to spare. The four grown children are thankfully gainfully employed but two of them are […]