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Are NFTs for Real?

Are NFTs for Real? Written: June 2022 The world of NFTs is emerging, and I think it is a big deal. CNBC reported on June 15 Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said he thinks cryptocurrencies and NFTs are “100% based on greater fool theory.” Bill is one of the richest and smartest persons in the world […]

AI for Insurance

AI becomes useful in an industry where there is a lot of data available. In the insurance industry, there are no factories, warehouses, or retail stores, but there is an abundance of data. Insurance companies thrive when they properly estimate the risks involved when insuring people or assets against losses. For example, car insurance premiums […]


Incompetence is a strong word. It means the lack of the ability to do something well. I do not know if Russia was incompetent with regard to the chemical weapons in Syria, but I do know Deutsche Bank is incompetent in handling certain basic information processing tasks for me. I can’t deny this is a rant, but […]

Is Bitcoin Going Anywhere?

Skeptics about bitcoin abound. I remain bullish. One theory catching on is the underlaying technology infrastructure which makes bitcoin work, called the blockchain, is a breakthrough. Financial firms have gotten quite interested because the blockchain can enable money (or any kind of asset) to move around the world instantly and at very low cost. It […]