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Big Pharma and Politics

At a rally in Kentucky, President Donald Trump said drug prices were “outrageous”. The next day, according to Kaiser Health News, the pharmaceutical industry donated more money to political campaigns than any other day this year. On March 21, eight pharma political action committees made 137 contributions to 77 politicians totaling nearly $280,000. Both Republicans and […]

High Cost of Drugs – Pills

Last week, I reported the cost of one once of eyedrops I needed would be $1,425. I compared the price to an outstanding cabernet such as  Opus One 2012, which costs $289.99. The price comes out to $11.43 per ounce. The eye drops are 125 times more expensive than the $290 bottle of fine wine. […]

High Cost of Drugs – Eye Drops

There are a number of stories here and in Health Attitude about the high cost of drugs. Most stories are about pills, but the problem exists for ear drops, eye drops, injectables, ointments, gels, creams, and other forms. I have cataract surgery coming up and eye drops were prescribed for me. (btw, we all have cataracts. […]

Smarter Healthcare

We have a long way to go but things are accelerating in the world of healthcare. Thanks to improved technology and enlightened healthcare administrators, information technology investments are being deployed at a rapid pace and adoption by caregivers is growing. I am especially pleased to see IBM jumping into this arena and leveraging its considerable […]