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As we disembarked the airplane and walked up a ramp to the main terminal, there was a thermal imaging system. I could not see where the sensor was but the video display showed all of our faces in a light green. I am sure if any of us had a fever, that our faces would have been red and something would have been beeping. Each passenger on the flight was given a helpful brochure about SARS and also a thermometer with instructions. I feel confident in dealing with the SARS issue. If any country knows how to instill discipline and handle things efficiently, it is Singapore.

The process to get through immigration, customs, and baggage collection was extraordinarily efficient — a fraction of the time it takes in New York. The elapsed time from home to hotel room was 25 1/2 hours. As expected neither my Sprint cell phone nor my Sprint PCS Vision wireless service work in Singapore. In fact I don’t think they work anywhere outside of the United States. My room has “dial up” and I have a 42.6Kbps connection through a local call to AT&T Global Network. I am checking on moving to a different room. Apparently some rooms have high speed access. No signs of WiFi in Singapore yet, but I am sure I will find it in many places as the week goes on. It is now 9:30 AM Monday morning in Singapore — 12 hours ahead of New York.