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TurtleThere are many things in the queue to write about but I can not resist commenting on an email I just received. Awhile back I was looking for some video conversion software and I found something I thought would be useful and purchased it at Sorenson Media. I then began to receive regular emails from them and subsequently decided I no longer wanted to hear from them. I clicked on the "unsubscribe" link in their email — at least they had one, unlike Circuit City and others. I then received the following from them in an email — "[email protected] will be removed from our mailing lists. Please allow 7-10 business days for this request to be processed". Seven to ten days? Most web sites provide email confirmation of a purchase within seconds and yet Sorenson needs 7-10 days to update their databaes? Seems that "7-10 days" has become part of a lexicon. It is like "I’ll get back to you on that". Hello? This is the 21rst century. Please stop using language that sounds like it is coming from another planet. How about, "We received your request. We regret that you have chosen to no longer receive our mailings and we immediately removed your email address from our list. You will no longer hear from us, but we do hope you will come back. You are always welcome at Sorenson Media".