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Survey ClipboardIf you are like me, you don’t like surveys.  The concept is good. Companies and organizations of all kinds want to know how they’re doing so they can improve their operations and customer satisfaction.  The problem is most surveys are too long and often only reflective of the surveyor’s needs, not the needs of the persons being surveyed.  They typically ask the question, “How likely are you to recommend [AT&T Wireless] to a friend?”  The question is probably the last thing on your mind.  They also ask about the customer support representative you just spoke to.  The problem with that question is more often than not, the real problem is the quality of their product or service, not the quality of the support representative.  The other problem with surveys is that they are just way too long. Some drill down with 50 questions and a choice of a half-dozen answers each. And some are too short — sometimes a single question, “Did we do a good job?”  Single question surveys may satisfy someone in the organization, but it is hard to see how they could very relevant.

We can all agree that surveys are no fun, but I feel compelled to ask you to take a few seconds to participate in my very short and hopefully relevant two-question survey. I am really interested to know if my stories are too frequent, not frequent enough, too long, or too short.  This might be one of the easiest surveys you have ever taken. Please click here. Thanks in advance for your anonymous input. I will report the results in a week or so.

P.S. Today, I made my first purchase with Apple Pay using my Apple Watch. I stopped into McDonald’s for my favorite Chicken Snack Wrap and a Senior Diet Coke. I moved my watch near the payment terminal and the transaction was completed seamlessly and quickly. Unlike most of the watch apps, Apple Pay does not require that you have your iPhone with you. You can easily register your credit cards with both. The only problem is, for some reason, McDonald’s has discontinued their Chipotle sauce.