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Screwpull Lever Model by Le Creuset

Many people say that the Screwpull Lever Model is the Best Corkscrew on the Market. I can’t say for sure but I am so far very impressed. I was pleasantly surprised when some dear friends presented me with this fine instrument as a Christmas gift. The Screwpull features a clamp-style hand grip to hold any bottle steady. You simply swing the lever handle to insert the Teflon coated spiral into the cork, lift the lever to extract the cork, and pump up and down again to extract the cork out of the machine. The Screwpull immediately strikes you as quite high-tech and appears to be made from the highest quality materials. The body is Zytel which is the same material found in the Stealth Aircraft.

It features over 30 individual parts and it comes with a spare Teflon spiral and also a matching foil cutter. The best part is some fine print I found in the literature that came with the Screwpull. It says “After between 400/600 bottles, the Teflon coating on the screw/spiral may gradually wear off – and you will notice that the Lever Model is a little stiffer to operate. In this case, please replace the screw with the spare provided, following the instruction 8”. Sounds like it will last a while!