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Just took a motorcycle ride downtown to run a few errands and then stop at Subway for a sandwich. On my way back from to my parking place I noticed a gentleman taking pictures of my bike. I asked him what was going on and he replied that he was just taking pictures for himself — his hobby. He was a friendly person and we got talking. Turns out that he has a publishing business and so I asked him if he into blogging. Seems that everyone I have asked about blogging in the past year has replied with “what’s that?”. I got carried away with my enthusiasm for explaining it and he was quite interested. Explaining the “Blogging Revolution” is not easy. I described how it is like an on-line diary maintained by anybody who has a point of view and wants to share it with others. Then I explained how people can subscribe to another person’s blog. The average person never heard of XML let alone an XML schema such as RSS. I decided to write a piece on this very soon. It goes near the top of the list of a dozen or so postings I want to write as soon as possible. Stay tuned (and that blog posting about blogging will explain how).