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Robot with human skin

I have been following the development of robots for a number of years. The subject will fit nicely in the Attitude book series I have been writing. One aspect I find quite interesting is how much robots are becoming more like humans. Not the robots which build Tesla cars or load boxes in Amazon warehouses, but robots which can provide home healthcare and other environments where there is a lot of interaction with humans. The flip side of the story is humans are getting to be more like robots. Consider the non-biological things inside of us: pacemakers, metal knee and hip joints, cochlear ear implants, retinal implants, and even brain implants. At some point it will be difficult to tell the difference between robots and humans.

A new dimension to robots is emerging as two biomedical researchers at the University of Oxford believe the time has come to dress robots with living human skin. The idea is not to make robots look human, but rather to advance the understanding of muscle and tendon grafts, and to refine technology to manufacture them. In other words, the robots will be able to wear, stretch, and test manufactured human skin. This could open the door to amazing skin grafts and regenerative medicine. It could also lead to a Terminator-like humanoid robot with a metal skeleton covered in human muscles, tendons, and skin. At some point we will be mingling with robots at cocktail parties.

Read the full story about Scientists Are Building Humanoid Robots Using Skin Grafts in Futurism. Also, read more about regenerative medicine and how home health care robots will look and act like humans in Health Attitude: Unraveling and Solving the Complexities of Healthcare.

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