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Reflecting on the future of healthcare during my two weeks out of the country, I conclude two things. Electronic health records, the ability to get speedy access to your health information, the ancient processes for getting medications, the frustrations of getting and paying for medications, and the backward methods of communications are all a train wreck. I continue to believe Amazon, Apple, and others are going to shake up this side of healthcare soon. The other thing I conclude is medical research and development of new surgical and pharmacological treatments are moving forward at a breakneck pace. In ten years, healthcare will be quite different than today.

On a lighter note, a company called Chiiz has developed a sonic-powered automatic toothbrush it claims to clean all your teeth in just 30 seconds. The mouthpiece-styled automatic toothbrush may make the twice daily teeth-cleaning routine a quick and effortless job. The device is basically a mouthguard fitted with an assortment of bristles designed to come into contact with every part of all 28 of your teeth. A small motor using sonic technology is inserted in the middle of the device. The motor generates sonic vibrations which Chiiz claims are equivalent to 25,000 strokes per minute. Before use, you add some toothpaste mousse which cleans plaque stuck between teeth. Simply rinse the device after the 30-second cleaning.

The startup company is raising money through Kickstarter.com and hopes to be ready to ship product before end of the year. You can read the full story and scroll down to a video of the Chiiz device in action by clicking here.

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